At R&M Walsh, we understand that reliable and high-performing spark plugs play a crucial role in the optimum operation of your gas engines. That's why we recommend Hatraco® Pre-Chamber Spark Plugs (PCPs) which are designed to deliver outstanding reliability, cost-efficiency, and ease of installation for a range of MWM® engines.


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What are the Hatraco® Pre-Chamber Spark Plugs?

The Hatraco® PCP range includes two models of spark plugs that are suitable for all types of gases on specific MWM® engines:

Hatraco 18.029-01 PCP: For MWM® TCG2020 engines and an alternative for these original PCPs:

  • MWM 1245 2176
  • MWM 1245 2828
  • MWM 1245 3318
  • MWM 1245 3388
  • MWM 1245 3556
  • MWM 1245 3572

Hatraco 18.023-01 PCP: For MWM® TCG2016 engines and an alternative for these original PCPs:

  • MWM 1234 9475
  • MWM 1234 2668
  • MWM 1234 3055
  • MWM 1234 3755
  • MWM 1234 4096
  • MWM 1234 3562

As plug-and-play solutions, the Hatraco® Pre-Chamber Spark Plugs eliminate the need for timing adjustments or other complex settings. Manufactured in Europe to the highest specification, these custom-made spark plugs are available through Hatraco with rapid delivery and no minimum order.

The Benefits of Hatraco® Pre-Chamber Spark Plugs

  • Durability: Because of their special design, Hatraco® PCPs can operate for up to 6000 hours (subject to operating conditions) without requiring re-gapping, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Safety: The robust design and advanced ‘hot-lock’ process ensure optimum performance and safe operation for your engine, eliminating the need for metal barrel PCPs.
  • Reduced waste: By providing a more durable solution compared to traditional long metal barrel PCPs, Hatraco® PCPs significantly reduce the amount of waste generated, promoting environmental sustainability.


Hatraco® Spark Plug Extensions: Replaceable and cost-effective

Hatraco® Spark Plug Cables are designed to complement Hatraco® Pre-Chamber Spark Plugs and are cost-effective, durable, and easy to replace compared to the long extended barrel. Together, they provide a one-stop-shop for saving on metal tubing and its associated costs.

Features of the Hatraco® HT leads:

  • Up to four times the lifetime of well-known barrel plugs, subject to operating conditions.
  • Custom-designed and manufactured in Europe.
  • No minimum order quantities required.
  • Laser-marked part numbers and production codes.
  • Optional free company logo customisation.

Order Your Hatraco® Pre-Chamber Spark Plugs and Spark Plug Extensions from R&M Walsh

As a licensed supplier of Hatraco® Pre-Chamber Spark Plugs and Spark Plug Extensions, we offer competitive prices, rapid delivery from stock, and no minimum order requirements.

To place an order or to speak to our experts about your business’s needs, please call us on 01782 858769 today.

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