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Here are some of the industries we provide gas engine ignition systems to. Find out more information about the products we supply by contacting us on 01782 858769.


Peak Lopping

When the electrical grid supply cannot meet the grid call on Standby Generation, this is achieved by calling on Generation supply companies. Read More



More and more transport companies are turning to (CNG) the cleanest burning transportation fuel on the market today. Read More


AD Biogas

Biogas is the mixture of methane and carbon dioxide (CO2) gases and is formed whenever organic materials decompose in the absence of air. Read More



The conversion of landfill gas to energy is an effective means of recycling and reusing this valuable resource.
Read More


Water Utilities

The anaerobic digestion of bacteria to both treat the sewage and produce a useful gas: bio-methane.
Read More

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Suppliers of Industrial Gas Engine Ignition Systems, Spark Plugs and Extensions since 2004.

We are an independent company specialising in the supply of gas engine ignition systems and parts. We also carry out servicing and repair of ignition systems for industrial spark ignited engines from manufactures such as Jenbacher, Caterpillar, Cummins, Deutz, Ruston, Waukesha, Dorman and Perkins.

We pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service and our aim is to provide a professional response to all incoming enquiries and to deliver competitively priced parts and components to the industrial market.

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"Recently at Viridor we tested the new Bosch spark plug type 7305 (Bosch part number 0 242 356 512) in our (...) engines. Thanks to the new ceramic design and increased hex height we didn't experience any cracking of ceramic on the duration trial of approximately 6 months. Also we didn't experience any seizing of the plug in the cylinder head during the trial, thanks to the thread material and cut quality being improved massively! On the trial the new plug easily met service targets without any engine down time due to misfire."

James Morrish, Reactive Engineer Viridor, United Kingdom

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