R & M Walsh Ltd is an independent family owned and run company that specialises in the supply of ignition systems, parts and servicing for Industrial (Spark Ignited) Gas Engines. We pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service and we value personal contact with all our customers.


R & M Walsh Ltd with Hatraco is the UK & IRELAND distributor for Altronic. We offer sales, service and warranty handling of all ignition system parts. We are holding inventory for the most common ignition products here in Stoke on Trent and have weekly shipment from Hatraco warehouse in the Netherlands.

Spare Parts Department

We stock a huge range of servicing and spare parts for gas engines. We offer quick turnaround on most parts with accurate dispatch and delivery.

Our Experience

Together with Hatraco we have over 25 years experience within the field of gas engine ignition systems. Our vast experience has led us in to a situation where we can upgrade any gas engine making use of the best parts and products that the market offers from top manufactures like Altronic. We specialise in creating custom made solutions for your gas engine.

For more information contact R & M Walsh Ltd today on 01782 454230.



Richard and Chris Walsh


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