For over 15 years R&M Walsh, together with Hatraco, have offered bespoke ignition packages for small, medium and large industrial reciprocating spark ignited engines.

We supply complete ignition systems and ignition upgrades from mechanical to digital and can assist with upgrading from inefficient, unreliable older systems to new state-of-the-art digital innovations. Our systems help with today’s modern and challenging demands and help our customers achieve their day to day goals.

Our complete systems include Altronic ignition units, input-/-output harness, coil rails, coils and spark plug cables. Our dedicated team are building the systems by hand and every wire and connection is carefully checked on quality and linkage. Finally, all ignition rail systems are tested in detail to make sure that all wires are properly connected, mounted in the correct order, and can be easily installed.

As a distributor for Hatraco B.V. we offer products from several well-known manufacturers in the field.

We guarantee that your project is in good hands with our dedicated sales team and technicians. We understand your problems and provide you with the best solutions for it.

For more information contact R&M Walsh Ltd today on 01782 983592.


Bosch Double Iridium Spark Plug