At R&M Walsh Ltd., we are delighted to announce that our customised Hatraco® HT-leads are available on a two-week turnaround. By ordering directly from us, you will benefit from rapid shipping times, enhanced customisation, and excellent quality standards that combine to deliver a healthy return on your investment.



Because we understand that time is of the essence, we are committed to promptly fulfilling your Hatraco® HT-leads order, with a fast turnaround time of only two weeks. This is a significant advantage for businesses that face challenging deadlines and need reliable components quickly. And, if you need an even-faster turnaround, we will go the extra mile to expedite the shipment process: simply contact our sales team to tell us about your business’s needs and we’ll fine tune the delivery for you.


At R&M Walsh Ltd., our flexible approach means there is no minimum order when purchasing Hatraco® HT-leads. This is particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises or those with varying demands. Instead of being compelled to purchase excess stock, you can order exactly what you need, when you need. Our flexible approach to ordering can help you to manage your inventory more effectively and reduce avoidable waste and overspending.


Each Hatraco® HT-lead is designed and produced in-house, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and customisation. With complete control over the production process, we ensure that every lead meets your business’s unique needs, giving you confidence in the quality and performance of the product.

We can tailor your Hatraco® HT-leads to meet your business’s exacting requirements, with the ability to laser mark each lead with a part number, production code, and even your company’s logo if desired! By entrusting your customised Hatraco® HT-leads to R&M Walsh Ltd., you can achieve an unparalleled level of professionalism and brand visibility for the components that you use.


When you’re investing in Hatraco® HT-leads, you need confidence that your money will be well-spent and that your business will benefit from exceptional levels of performance and reliability. At R&M Walsh Ltd., our ISO 9001 certification is a globally recognised mark of excellence and a testament to our stringent quality controls and production standards.
By purchasing Hatraco® HT-leads from us, you can be assured that we will supply only the finest products that have undergone rigorous testing and quality assurance.


If you’re looking to gain an edge in a competitive market, our Hatraco® HT-leads offer unparalleled speed, flexibility, customisation, and quality.

To take advantage of our rapid turnaround and delivery times, please get in touch with our sales team today on 01782983376.

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