Two new 71.018 series pre-chamber spark plug (PCP) models have been released by Hatraco, and are available to purchase now through R&M Walsh. These cost-effective, plug and play spark plugs are quick to install and provide excellent running hours and lifetime performance. Suitable for a wide variety of gas engines, the new spark plugs come with purpose-designed Teflon spark plug extensions to increase their durability and safety.

Let’s look at the features and benefits of each of the new Hatraco 71.018 PCPs:

1) Hatraco 71.018-06 pre-chamber spark plug

Applications: Designed for MWM/CAT TCG2016 and TCG2020 gas engines (compatible with all fuel types).

Running time: At least 3000 hours runtime, guaranteed by Hatraco under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Market comparison: The 71.018-06 can be used as a direct replacement for any metal-barrelled PCP compatible with the MWM TCG engine series.

  • Improved safety: The metal shell on the spark plug features a retainer that prevents the accidental release of the ceramic. This rules out the need for long metal-barrelled PCPs.
  • Improved fuel efficiency: Aftermarket feedback indicates that the 71.018-06 provides approximately 5% greater fuel efficiency than competing models.
  • Improved stability: The 71.018-06 provides approximately 50% greater combustion stability, when operated at 250 mg/NM3 NOx.

2) Hatraco 71.018-02 pre-chamber spark plug

Applications: Designed for use in Guascor/Siemens HGM series gas engines.

Running time: 3,000 or more hours runtime under favourable conditions.

Market comparison: The 71.018-02 PCP can be used as a direct replacement for the Hatraco 76.64.604, 76.64.653, and 76.64.765 pre-chamber spark plugs.

The Hatraco 71.018 Series – General Features and Benefits:

Both the 71.018-06 and -02 models lead the field in terms of performance, safety, and service life, when compared with similar pre-chamber spark plugs in their class.

  • Replaceable Teflon extensions. The 71.018 series comes with a range of specially-designed Teflon extensions that negate the need to use extended barrel spark plugs on Guascor or MWM industrial gas engines. This reduces the cost of components and makes changing spark plugs an easier and faster process.
  • All Hatraco spark plugs and extensions are designed and manufactured in-house.
  • Internationally-recognised quality, supported by ISO 9001 certification.

Hatraco Spark Plugs From R&M Walsh

As a licensed supply partner for Hatraco, R&M Walsh have a large stock of 71.018 series PCPs, ready to ship to customers across the UK. With no minimum order quantities and competitive prices on all components, R&M Walsh are your one-stop shop for Hatraco spark plugs and ignition products. Get in touch today to find out more.

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