Double iridium spark plugs are a special type of spark plug equipped with iridium laser welded onto the centre and ground electrodes. They’re used in industrial combustion engines to convert an electrical charge into an ignition spark, powering a cylinder and piston to create movement. But why are Double iridium plugs considered to be so much better than other spark plugs? Here are five good reasons.


1. Better Overall Performance

The precision engineering and laser-welded surfaces that make up the iridium spark plug allow for a more responsive and more efficient spark plug. The iridium electrodes provide the spark plug with greater heat and corrosion resistance as well as improving charge retention.

2. Long Lifespan

Double iridium spark plugs withstand higher temperatures and pressures during the combustion process, increasing lifespan. Double iridium spark plugs have a lifespan estimated to be up to four times that of traditional, non-precious metal plugs, and 125% that of similar platinum-based devices.

3. Durability

Iridium is an extremely tough, resistant metal with a high melting point, which strengthens the overall build quality of anything it’s used in. It’s an excellent choice for high-pressure, high-temperature environments, such as the inside of a gas-fuelled combustion engine.

4. Limited Visible Deterioration

One problem with all commercially available spark plugs is that they tend to break apart and carbonise with age and repeated use. Iridium’s strength allows it to survive intact for much longer, maintaining a consistent electrode gap.

5. Lower Voltage

Iridium’s better conductivity means that a much lower voltage is sufficient to cause a spark when passed through the metal. This helps to extend the lifespan of each iridium spark plug, as the gradual damage caused by a heavy flow of electricity is reduced.

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