The combined heat and power (CHP) plant engine uses energy-efficient technology to generate electricity and capture the heat generated, which would otherwise go to waste. Similar to other intricate machinery, the CHP plant engine is prone to faults, In this article, we discuss some of the most common faults technicians can check and repair.


Misfires happen to a CHP plant engine when one or more of its cylinders fails to produce power due to various issues, such as fouled industrial spark plugs. The CHP plant onboard computer detects when a cylinder decelerates, stores the fault in its memory, and then turns on the relevant notification.

Reduced Power

A CHP engine can intentionally limit its performance by using the inbuilt computer. When the processor detects a system failure, it automatically reduces the load to prevent the problem from escalating or causing further repercussions.

There are plenty of factors that can reduce the power of a CHP plant engine, including:

• Electronic throttle actuator problems
• A bad component position sensor
• A faulty throttle position sensor
• Circuit issues
• Data network problems

When several of these issues co-occur, they can cut fuel delivery to the engine and render it inactive.

Gas Spikes

If your combined heat and power plant engine consumes more fuel than usual, there could be a fault with the machine. Faulty industrial spark plugs may cause misfiring and affect the energy required to run the engine efficiently.

Another issue could be faulty oxygen sensors and air filters, increasing fuel usage by up to 20%. Therefore, always use authentic products, like the Bosch spark plugs many UK technicians deploy when repairing or servicing CHP engines.

Abnormal Engine Indications

Irregular engine indicators could be anything related to abnormal instrument readings, such as  engine over-speed, engine power output, or temperature. Although many abnormal engine indications have little to no effect on the running of the CHP plant engine, it could lead to human error because of incorrect instrument readings.

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