A combined heat and power (CHP) plant engine uses various fuels and an ignition system to generate electricity and heat simultaneously. Compared to other stationary engines, CHP achieves efficiencies of over 80% by reclaiming heat that you could otherwise lose, making it among the cleanest available sources of power using hydrocarbon fuels.


In this article, we discuss the consequences of when an chp gas engine loses power suddenly.

Ignition System Faults

One of the most common causes of such faults is a fouled spark plug, which is an ineffective plug that has gradually worn the electrodes widening the gap between them reducing the spark to ignite the fuel . A properly functioning CHP engine produces clean energy and reduces carbon emissions by about 30% annually. However, a faulty system caused by the sudden loss of power can release tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.

Fuel and Air Filter Faults

The engine fuel control system regulates the flow of fuel into the combustion chamber under three operating conditions: steady-state, acceleration, and deceleration. The system must achieve this for the operator to keep the engine on the recommended thrust level and prevent exceeding the recommended limits. CHP gas engines actively ensure that the operation is within limits by controlling shaft speeds, pressures, and temperature.


When a misfire occurs, the engine struggles to maintain its pace. Sudden loss of power in one or more cylinders can lead to CHP plant engine misfires, affecting the onboard computer system and reducing the plant’s overall efficiency. A sudden loss of power also affects other components in the engine, including industrial spark plugs, plug wires, coils, and fuel delivery system.

Misfires can lead to increased downtime because the chp gas engine will be underutilised. Contact an expert to inspect and repair your machine when it starts to misfire, especially after frequent power outages in your company.

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