How To Diagnose Industrial Ignition System Failures

How To Diagnose Industrial Ignition System Failures

If your gas-powered static combustion engine is stuttering, jamming, or cutting out while in use, there may be something wrong with the ignition system. The most common cause of a system failure such as misfiring is a faulty, degraded, or dead spark plug.

Ignition system failure occurs when the engine fails to ignite and burn the gas mixture fed into the intake. For whatever reason, sparks are not made quickly enough to light the gas and turn the internal cylinders. This can lead to a sub-par or broken industrial engine, with performance degrading even further over time to a state of complete failure.

But how can you know exactly what mechanical fault is causing your ignition failure? Here’s our guide to the various signs you should look out for. Once you’ve found out what is ailing your engine, you can diagnose the problem precisely and find a solution. (more…)

The Altronic NGI-1000 Ignition System Is Now Available!

The Altronic NGI-1000 Ignition System is now Available
The Altronic NGI-1000 ignition system is a new, advanced, digitally controlled all-in-one gas and biogas ignition controller built for use with industrial combustion engines. It’s aimed at simplifying and automating gas ignition control for industrial systems.

All NGI-1000 systems process angular pickup input signals from a single pickup (magnetic, Hall-Effect, or powered inductive) which senses drilled reference holes, magnets and/or protrusions on a steel disc to time spark plug ignition bursts. Frequency, strength, and intensity can be altered via a piece of Windows-compatible software. It’s also Modbus RTU-compatible if you’re looking to add remote control. (more…)