Hydraulic starting systems are the perfect solution when it comes to engine starting, either in a normal or critical situation.
Powered by Kocsis Technologies Inc. products, Hatraco’s hydraulic starting systems are extremely reliable under the
hardest conditions, nearly unaffected by extreme temperatures and suitable for on- and offshore application. By manual
operation and using a hand pump, hydraulic starting systems are capable of overcoming a “black start” condition proven
to be critical during emergency situations. Hatraco’s hydraulic starting systems are available in standard configuration or
fully customized and can be purchased whether as an assembled kit or in separate components.


Hydraulic Starting Systems


Hatraco supplies all the equipment necessary to deliver starting air and cranking torque to your engine. Whether it is a
combined heat and power application, emergency generator, pump set, a large gas compressor or gas turbine, Hatraco
provides air starting systems fully designed and manufactured according to client- and project specifications.


Air Starting Systems


The electric starter motor is the most common type used on gasoline engines and small diesel engines. The modern starter
motor is either a permanent-magnet or a series parallel wound direct current electric motor with a starter solenoid (similar to a relay)
mounted on it. When current from the starting battery is applied to the solenoid, usually through a switch, the solenoid engages a lever
that pushes out the drive pinion on the starter driveshaft and meshes the pinion with the starter ring gear on the flywheel of the engine.


Electric Starting Systems


Spring starters are spring powered mechanical devices for starting diesel engines, as a replacement or as a redundant starting system allowing an engine to be started easily and safely by hand.


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