Pre-chamber Spark Plugs

A range of pre-chamber spark plugs have been added to the R & M Walsh catalogue. Designed to fit a variety of different gas-fired engines, pre-chamber spark plugs are a highly efficient method of reducing both emissions and energy consumption. This approach can increase efficiency while reducing costs, and is an excellent strategy for future-proofing industrial equipment.

Hatraco will 100% guarantee 3.000 hours* of running hours/ lifetime on PCP 71.018-06. *For more details ask for the Hatraco warranty guidelines.

Compared to the existing aftermarket PCP’s our 71.018-06 has about 5% higher engine fuel efficiency and about 50% improved combustion stability at 250mg/Nm3 NOx.

The unique design of the metal shell on PCP 71.018-06 has a retainer preventing the release of the ceramic. No need for long metal barrel PCP’s anymore.

Contact us with the details of your gas engine so that we can advise on the ideal solution for your requirements.  

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