Pre-chamber Spark Plugs

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Pre-chamber Spark Plugs

Pre-chamber Spark Plugs From R&M Walsh

R&M Walsh are proud to supply a full range of pre-chamber spark plugs to fit a variety of industrial gas engines. The same range as available from Hatraco, the pre-chamber spark plugs we provide are more efficient than many conventional spark plugs, reducing NoX emissions and energy consumption.

Why use a pre-chamber spark plug?

A pre-chamber spark plug is used in the engine’s pre-combustion chamber. Energy discharge is distributed over a larger surface area, which concentrates fuel in the spark gap – resulting in better control over gas pressure during discharge, and lowering the electrode temperature. Pre-chamber spark plugs therefore offer superior safety and performance to some alternatives, as well as a longer service life due to reduced electrode erosion.

Pre-chamber spark plugs require a lower operating voltage in high-pressure engines. They are also less susceptible to short-circuits and misfires, even in the presence of moisture.


These pre-chamber spark plugs are among the best on the market. As official UK suppliers, we are one of your best sources for pre-chamber spark plugs, offering a personalised service, full manufacturer’s warranty and wide stock availability.

  • Competitive pricing

  • Long service life

  • Low maintenance

  • Improved engine performance

  • Reduced gas consumption

  • Reduced misfires

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We are an independent spark plug specialist with more than 25 years’ experience supplying pre-chamber spark plugs and other components for gas-fired industrial engines. If you are unsure of the part you need, please contact us with details of your engine, and we can advise you about the best pre-chamber spark plug to fit your application.

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