• NGI-1000


The Altronic NGI-1000 system is the first in a series of new ignition products and platforms from Altronic. This innovative, reliable, and capable system is designed for use on small and medium-sized industrial engines fueled by either natural gas (CH4 – Methane) or biogas. 


No. of cylinders 1-16
Power Required 24VDC, 7.5 Amp
System Pickup Magnetic, Hall-Effect, or powered inductive
Enclosure Die-cast, gasketed, MS-connectors
Max. voltage output 40kV
Spark duration Adjustable, 150-1000 microsec*
Max. delivered current Adjustable, 50-200 milliamps*
Timing adjustment:
Manual (8 pos. switch)
RPM range
Analog input range
Overall max timing range

User-selectable increments
25 to 2,500 RPM
4-20mA or 0-5Vdc
25° of retard
Overspeed setpoint range 25 to 2,500 RPM
Output switch rating 0.5 Amp, 32Vdc max.
Communications. Modbus RTU (RS-485)


* See NGI-1000 IOM for details of spark characteristic operating range



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