DISN 800

  • DISN 800

DISN 800

The Altronic DISN 800 is a 12-24 Vdc powered, micro­ circuit-based digital ignition system applicable to small and medium-sized stationary gas engines. These systems, which are offered in 8, 12 and 16 output versions, eliminate moving parts and deliver high timing accuracy and stability by eliminating magneto drive gears and couplings.


Number of Outputs 8-16
Power Required 12VDC, 3.0 amp
24VDC, 1.5 am
Voltage Output 45 KV
Aprk Duration 300-600 microseconds
Unit Size
Mounting Centers

3.70"H x 8.85"L x 7.12"W
7.73"L x 6.25"W




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