• CPU95


The Altronic CPU-95 is a 24 Vdc-powered, microprocessor-based digital ignition system designed for application to medium-range industrial gas engines. Advantages include a full-featured user display and interface, spark characteristic control, advanced timing adjustment options, serial communications, and state-of-the-art diagnostics.


Input Signals Magnetic pickups, (1) ring gear teeth or drilled holes, (1) reset (1/engine revolution)
Control Inputs
Ground to activate
Feature control (timing, energy, double-strike, VariSpark™)
Timing Control Inputs Manual (display module keypad)
Analog (4-20mA control signal)
Digital (RS-485 serial data)
Output 47kV maximum output voltage
300–600 μs duration (791950/952/955)
1000–2000 μs duration with VariSpark™ option (791958)
Control Outputs
Solid State, NC switches
Normal fire confirm
Alarm fault
Shutdown fault
Communications RS-485 serial
USB, Modbus RTU (Enhanced Display Only)
Display Alphanumeric, backlit
Power Rqmt 24VDC, 1–8 amps typ. (varies by application) NOTE: On many applications, power can be supplied by engine-driven Altronic 24 Vdc alternator; see form ALT.
Temperature -40°F to +158°F (-40°C to +70°C)




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