• CD200 EVS


The Altronic CD200EVS Series ignition systems are high-energy, VariSpark-based, digital ignition systems designed for use on 1- to 12-cylinder industrial gas engines. These DC-powered systems eliminate maintenance-intensive mechanical distributor ignition systems while incorporating the revolutionary Altronic VariSpark technology.



No. of cylinders 1-12
Power required 24Vdc, up to 1.5A per cyl.
Max. voltage output 45kV
Spark duration 200-800 μsec
Spark intensity 100-300mA
Timing adjustment:

Manual (8-pos. switch)


RPM range

Analog input range

Overall max. timing range


user-selectable increments

25 to 2,500RPM

4-20mA or 0-5Vdc

25° of retard

Overspeed setpoint range 25 to 2,500RPM
Output switch rating 0.5Amp, 32Vdc max.
Communications Modbus RTU (RS-485)




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