This unique connector is now widely used in applications where previously only metallic braid shielded leads were accepted. . .

BG’s new Flash-Tite Spark Plug Connector is designed for use with 5/16" ID silicone hose, 7mm ignition cable, and the specially designed coil connectors found in this catalog. A Flash-Tite Lead Assembly is safer than a conventional unshielded secondary lead because it prevents disassembly of the lead from the spark plug while the engine is running. . .

The coil end of the lead must be disconnected first! Designed for use with unshielded spark plugs, the Flash-Tite Connector is spring-loaded to contain the arc in the event of flashover of the spark plug insulator.

Flash-Tite Lead Assemblies have several major advantages over conventional shielded leads: In the event of spark plug leakage, combustion gases do not become trapped” inside the lead. Any leakage is vented. Internal condensation of combustion gases is frequently a source of maintenance problems in shielded lead applications. Although the Flash-Tite Connector is vented, it is designed so that rain and moisture cannot enter the lead or the connector. And since there is no metallic cover on a Flash-Tite lead, firing indicators and analyzer pick-ups may be used, simplifying trouble-shooting.

Flash-Tite Spark Plug Connectors are easy to assemble using P/N 21200-04 stud. (Order separately.) Complete instructions are provided. Complete Lead Assemblies are also available... See the following page.

Available in the following lengths:

P/N           Extended Length    Compressed Length
21600        7.825"                      6.825"
21620        10.000"                    9.000"
21660        6.825"                      5.825"
21800        5.315"                      4.315"
21940        14.000"                    13.000"
22510        17.000"                    16.000"
23285        19.000"                    18.000"



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