A unique alternative to metallic secondary ignition leads…

  • Accepted as a suitable alternative to metallic shielding.
  • “Flash-Tite Spark Plug Connector” promotes safer, trouble-free operation. (See opposite page for description.)
  • Tough, high-temperature silicone hose protects the ignition cable.
  • Does not interfere with timing light or engine analyzer capacitive/inductive pickups.

How To Order

Select desired conductor, Flash-Tite Spark Plug Connector, coil connector, and length from chart and place corresponding “TYPE” numbers here:

Conductor                                            Type

Standard Conductor                                FT
High-Resistance Conductor                     FTR
Stainless Steel Conductor                       FTS

Flash-Tite Spark Plug Connector         Type

7.825 in. overall length                            1
10.0 in. overall length                              2
6.825 in. overall length                            3
5.315 in. overall length                            4
14.000 in. overall length                          5
17.000 in. overall length                          6



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