BG’s CT300 Coil Tester is a portable instrument designed to check the condition of the primary and secondary windings of a capacitor discharge coil.

The unit is powered by four “C” size dry cell alkaline batteries. The primary voltage is adjustable from 0 to 300 volts DC. The spark gap tests the secondary output of a coil at 28 to 30 KV. The basic system includes a set of ignition leads to test unshielded capacitor discharge coils. Optional leads are available to test shielded coils. Complete instructions, including voltage settings for various manufacturers’ coils, are provided.  

PORTABLE – Allows on-site troubleshooting.

COST EFFECTIVE – Pays for itself in “saved” coils and reduced downtime.  

EASY TO USE – Complete instructions provided.

INCLUDES CABLES*, CARRYING CASE, AND BATTERIES – Optional leads available for shielded coils

*[Primary lead P/N 22185 and Secondary lead P/N BG296-36 (24157-36)]


This product has a minimum quantity of 1000


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