The Altronic NGI-1000 Ignition System Is Now Available!

The Altronic NGI-1000 Ignition System is now Available
The Altronic NGI-1000 ignition system is a new, advanced, digitally controlled all-in-one gas and biogas ignition controller built for use with industrial combustion engines. It’s aimed at simplifying and automating gas ignition control for industrial systems.

All NGI-1000 systems process angular pickup input signals from a single pickup (magnetic, Hall-Effect, or powered inductive) which senses drilled reference holes, magnets and/or protrusions on a steel disc to time spark plug ignition bursts. Frequency, strength, and intensity can be altered via a piece of Windows-compatible software. It’s also Modbus RTU-compatible if you’re looking to add remote control. (more…)

A New Spark Plug – Introducing The Denso GE2-3

A New Spark Plug - Introducing The Denso GE2-3

The new industrial spark plug DENSO GE 2-3, developed for state-of-the-art industrial, gas-powered combustion engines is now here. The GE2-3 is built for high-stress environments, with its longer ceramic insulator which offers best flashover protection, and its integrated stress resistant monolithic resistor suppresses electromagnetic interference (EMI). It has a J-type electrode design and use of higher erosion resistance materials, a centre electrode with a laser-welded iridium alloy pad and a protruding ground electrode with copper core and laser-welded iridium pad. This spark plug is ideally suited for operation with natural and special gases. (more…)

Introducing The Bosch Spark Plug Re-gapping Tool

Introducing The Bosch Spark Plug Regapping Tool
The Bosch Spark Plug Re-gapping Tool is a new, adjustable device for making sure that your spark plugs are properly configured for optimum performance. The Spark Plug Re-gapper contains a prising lever and a fixed distance gauge to make sure that your Bosch spark plug electrodes are calibrated to the exact distance apart that they should be. The component is recommended for use with the latest, certified, high-quality Bosch M18 iridium spark plugs. (more…)

5 Benefits Of Double Iridium Spark Plugs

5 Benefits Of Double Iridium Spark Plugs

Double iridium spark plugs are a special type of spark plug equipped with iridium laser welded onto the centre and ground electrodes. They’re used in industrial combustion engines to convert an electrical charge into an ignition spark, powering a cylinder and piston to create movement. But why are Double iridium plugs considered to be so much better than other spark plugs? Here are five good reasons. (more…)

How Often Should Iridium Spark Plugs Be Changed?

How Often Should Iridium Spark Plugs Be Changed

Iridium spark plugs are a common type of combustion engine ignition device found in industrial engines worldwide. They’re known for their strength, reliability, conductivity, and strong resistance to extreme internal temperatures.

They’re fitted into the engine and connected via a HT lead to the ignition coil. The coil temporarily powers the plug with a fixed electrical voltage. When the engine is started, iridium spark plugs convert this electrical charge into the spark needed to light the air-fuel mixture. (more…)

3 Advantages To Installing The New Generation Bosch Iridium Spark Plugs: 7305 & 7308

Bosch Release Their New Generation Of Spark Plugs - 7305 & 7308
Bosch’s new generation of industrial combustion engine spark plugs offer exceptional, low-hassle performance and extended run times. New advancements in spark plug technology, such as double iridium electrodes, make the 7305 and 7308 flagship units stronger and more efficient than ever before.

Here are some of the advantages that Bosch 7305 and 7308 iridium spark plugs offer if installed in your gas industrial combustion engines. (more…)