Champion by Name, Champion by Nature: Everything you Need to Know About Champion Industrial Spark Plugs

Champion by Name, Champion by Natur Everything you Need to Know About Champion Industrial Spark Plugs

Champion specialises in making high-quality, high-durability spark plugs for static, industrial gas-powered engines. They offer superior engine performance, long-lasting durability, and excellent value for money. The iridium and platinum coating gives Champion designs a longer working life and better performance than traditional, quick-wearing copper units.



2 Bad Warning Signs Of A Spark Plug Malfunction

2 Bad Warning Signs Of A Spark Plug Malfunction

How do you know when your industrial engine’s spark plug is about to fail? There are two main warning signs that you should always be on the lookout for.



The New Bosch 7339 M14 Spark Plug Is Due To Replace The Old 7315 This Year – Here’s What You Need To Know

For many years, the Bosch 7315 M14 double-Iridium spark plug has been a staple component for a range of gas powered stationary engines and co-gen power plants – but is set to be discontinued at the end of 2020.


How To Clean Iridium Spark Plugs

How To Clean Iridium Spark Plugs

As iridium spark plugs become worn and dirty, more electrical power is required to produce the spark necessary for ignition. This reduces efficiency and increases fuel consumption – and can eventually lead to misfires and electrical short-circuits. It follows that the cleaner the spark plug’s electrodes, the more powerful a spark the component will produce, at a lower voltage.


New! Bosch Double Iridium 7339 M14 Industrial Spark Plugs – Available Now From R&M Walsh

As the UK supply partner for Hatraco, we are delighted to announce that the next generation Bosch 7339 double iridium M14 industrial spark plug is now available through R&M Walsh. The 7339 builds on the success of previous Bosch M14 spark plugs to provide increased efficiency, service life, higher wear resistance, better ignitability, and value for money. In this article, we introduce the main features, benefits, and advantages of the Bosch 7339, and why we recommend upgrading from older industrial spark plug models, such as the Bosch 7315.


Introducing The New Pre-chamber Spark Plug Range Now Available From Hatraco

Altronic Passive Pre-Chamber Spark Plugs

As one of the UK’s official Hatraco suppliers, we are extremely impressed by the Dutch supplier’s latest range of pre-chamber spark plugs on offer.

Hatraco is one of the world’s leading specialists in ignition and control products for industrial gas and diesel engines, and already sells an impressive selection of components – used in a wide range of applications. So we were very interested to get our hands on their latest spark plug range.

We weren’t disappointed. Their new pre-chamber spark plugs combine high energy ignition with pre-chamber plug technology, to allow engines to operate on a leaner fuel mixture without the risk of misfires. The result is a technology that at the same time allows sustained high power output and low emissions – without compromising the lifespan of the component.


Iridium Platinum High Performance Industrial Spark Plug

Spark Plug Federal Mogul/BERU 18GZ46 - FBM80WPN - Z377

18GZ46 / 18GZ47

Spark plugs for stationary gas-operated industrial engines must be able to withstand non-stop operation while demonstrating considerable durability over long replacement intervals. The Federal-Mogul/Beru heavy duty spark plug range is manufactured from the highest quality materials and are very resistant to combustion, offering longevity and excellent performance – and they are available now from R & M Walsh.


Why Don’t Industrial Spark Plugs Always Last For 2000 Hours?

Why Don't Industrial Spark Plugs Always Last For 2000 Hours
Industrial spark plugs are a vital part of all gas-powered combustion engines. They light the gas and air mixture as it enters the engine, moving the cylinders. Most modern iridium and platinum industrial spark plugs are rated by their manufacturers to last for at least 3500 hours of continuous use. However, some plugs inevitably fail or degrade before their time is officially supposed to be up.

2000 hours is the average lifespan of a standard industrial spark plug. There are a wide variety of engine faults that can be caused by bad installation, malfunctions, misuse, contamination, or simple bad luck.

Here are some of the most common reasons cited for premature industrial spark plug failure. (more…)

A New Spark Plug – Introducing The Denso GE2-3

A New Spark Plug - Introducing The Denso GE2-3

The new industrial spark plug DENSO GE 2-3, developed for state-of-the-art industrial, gas-powered combustion engines is now here. The GE2-3 is built for high-stress environments, with its longer ceramic insulator which offers best flashover protection, and its integrated stress resistant monolithic resistor suppresses electromagnetic interference (EMI). It has a J-type electrode design and use of higher erosion resistance materials, a centre electrode with a laser-welded iridium alloy pad and a protruding ground electrode with copper core and laser-welded iridium pad. This spark plug is ideally suited for operation with natural and special gases. (more…)

Introducing The Bosch Spark Plug Re-gapping Tool

Introducing The Bosch Spark Plug Regapping Tool
The Bosch Spark Plug Re-gapping Tool is a new, adjustable device for making sure that your spark plugs are properly configured for optimum performance. The Spark Plug Re-gapper contains a prising lever and a fixed distance gauge to make sure that your Bosch spark plug electrodes are calibrated to the exact distance apart that they should be. The component is recommended for use with the latest, certified, high-quality Bosch M18 iridium spark plugs. (more…)