How Long Does An Industrial Spark Plug Last?

How Long Does Spark Energy Last?
Spark plugs are consumable products and don’t last forever. Cleaning and re-gapping your spark plugs on a regular basis – and addressing the causes of spark plug fouling – will extend their working life and keep your engine running efficiently. Nevertheless, there comes a time when spark plugs should be changed, and it’s useful to know the approximate working life of each spark plug so that servicing can be planned and unexpected downtime avoided.


How Often Do You Need To Change Spark Plugs?

How Often Should Spark Plugs Be Changed

Iridium spark plugs are a common type of combustion engine ignition device found in industrial engines worldwide. They’re known for their strength, reliability, conductivity, and strong resistance to extreme internal temperatures.

They’re fitted into the engine and connected via a HT lead to the ignition coil. The coil temporarily powers the plug with a fixed electrical voltage. When the engine is started, iridium spark plugs convert this electrical charge into the spark needed to light the air-fuel mixture. (more…)

Bad Spark Plug Symptoms: What To Do About Them

Spark plugs are small and relatively inexpensive components but play a crucial role in gas-powered engines. Damaged spark plugs can reduce the performance output and energy efficiency of an engine, while unexpected spark plug failure can prevent ignition altogether. To avoid unscheduled downtime, it’s important to keep an eye open for the warning signs of spark plug failure. These are the main tell-tale signs that your spark plug’s days are limited, and that it’s time to order a replacement.


Are Iridium Spark Plugs Worth The Price?

Iridium spark plugs are more expensive than other platinum spark plugs, and a lot pricier than standard copper spark plugs, so are they worth the price? We believe that yes, they are, because of the numerous cost saving and efficiency benefits of iridium spark plugs that create superior value for money over time.


New Hatraco 71.018 Pre-Chamber Spark Plugs Available – Order Today Through R&M Walsh


Two new 71.018 series pre-chamber spark plug (PCP) models have been released by Hatraco, and are available to purchase now through R&M Walsh. These cost-effective, plug and play spark plugs are quick to install and provide excellent running hours and lifetime performance. Suitable for a wide variety of gas engines, the new spark plugs come with purpose-designed Teflon spark plug extensions to increase their durability and safety.


Advantages and Disadvantages Of Iridium Spark Plugs

Iridium spark plugs are widely recognised as the superior ignition product for high-performance engines, but it’s worth exploring the pros and cons of iridium spark plugs to determine why this is the case, especially in the context of high iridium prices at the moment.


What Are The Differences Between Iridium And Platinum Spark Plugs?

For users looking for premium, high performance spark plugs for their gas ignition equipment, the choice comes down to iridium and platinum spark plugs. These provide a far greater level of reliability, efficiency, and performance, and a longer service life than the more common copper spark plugs, but do so at a higher price.


Iridium Spark Plug Vs ‘Normal’ Spark Plug – What’s The Difference?

Spark plugs play an essential role in gas ignition engines by generating an electric spark across a small ignition gap, that fires a combustion chamber and powers the engine. There are three types of spark plug – iridium, platinum/rhodium, and copper – and all work in the same way, so talking about the difference between iridium and ‘normal’ spark plugs is somewhat misleading. The only real difference is the metal used to create the central electrode.


Pre-Chamber Spark Plugs | R&M Walsh

pre-chamber spark plugs
R&M Walsh is proud to supply a full range of pre-chamber spark plugs to fit a variety of industrial gas engines.

The same range as available from Hatraco, the pre-chamber spark plugs we provide are more efficient than many conventional spark plugs, reducing NoX emissions and energy consumption.


Champion by Name, Champion by Nature: Everything you Need to Know About Champion Industrial Spark Plugs

Champion by Name, Champion by Natur Everything you Need to Know About Champion Industrial Spark Plugs

Champion specialises in making high-quality, high-durability spark plugs for static, industrial gas-powered engines. They offer superior engine performance, long-lasting durability, and excellent value for money. The iridium and platinum coating gives Champion designs a longer working life and better performance than traditional, quick-wearing copper units.