Jenbacher 400/600 Series Replacement Leads For Industrial Gas Engines


At R & M Walsh, we understand how important it is to keep your Jenbacher gas engines operating in full working order.

We also recognise that only the highest quality replacement parts will ensure your plant’s productivity and availability, reducing unexpected downtime, improving efficiency, and decreasing your operating costs.


Your 3 Step Guide To Successfully Maintaining Your Ignition Leads

Ignition leads are a vital part of any gas-powered industrial engine. They transfer the electrical charge sent for the ignition coil to the spark plug, igniting the gas and air mixture. Without keeping them in good shape, your industrial engines may stall, misfire, malfunction, or not run at all.

It’s important to keep your ignition leads in the best condition possible to prevent this from happening. Here’s our three-step guide to keeping your ignition leads in the best possible condition. (more…)