Products Info & Downloads

We have listed our product range below along with download links to the product brochures. All downloads are in PDF format.
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the downloads

Starting Systems

Altronic SaveAir System

Our range of starting systems are listed below.

Altronic Starter Controls Safe Air Download Brochure
Exline Air Sstarter Distributor Download Brochure

Industrial Spark Plugs

Our range of industrial spark plugs are listed below.

Spark Plugs
Altronic Spark Plugs Download Brochure
Altronic Passive Pre Chamber Plugs Download Brochure
Beru Heavy Duty Spark Plugs Download Brochure
Bosch Spark Plugs Download Brochure
Champion Industrial Spark Plugs Download Brochure
Champion M18 Tech Download Technical Sheet
Champion Bridge Iridium Plug Tech Download Technical Sheet
Denso Iridium Saver Download Brochure
Stitt Precious Metal Electrodes Download Brochure

Bi-Fuel/Fuel Control Systems

Altronic GTI Bi Fuel System

Our range of bi fuel and fuel control systems are listed below.

Altronic GTI Bi Fuel Systems Download Brochure
Altronic Gas Engine Governors Download Brochure


Ignition Systems and Accessories

Our range of ignition systems and accessories are listed below.

Ignition Accessories and Systems
Altronic Ignition Accessories Download Brochure
Altronic Ignition Systems Download Brochure
Altronic CD200 D Download Brochure
BG Catalogue Download Catalogue
Deutz Tem Ingition System Download Brochure
Hatraco Spark Plug Cables Download Brochure
Stitt Ignition Accessories Download Brochure
Waukesha CEC Ignition System Download Brochure
Alronic ignition system CD200EVS Download Brochure

Knock and Damage Control Systems

Det 1600 Sensing MonitorOur range of knock and damage control systems are listed below.

Det 1600 Detonation Sensing Monitor Download Brochure
Det 1600 Installation Manual Download Manual
Exline Damage Control Devices Download Brochure


Auburn Ignition Products

Our range of Auburn ignitors can be downloaded in the PDF files below

Auburn Ignition Products Download Brochure [8mb]
Auburn Electric Feedthroughs Download Brochure [23mb]

Please note: the files above can take several minutes to download


Hatraco Building

Miscellaneous downloads such as installation and operation manuals for our products.

Hatraco Brochure [English] Download Brochure
CD 200 Installation Manual Download Manual [5.7mb]
Kenco Oil Level Controllers Download Brochure

Please note: The CD 200 Installation Manual may take several minutes to download